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Dental Crowns for Children

Despite our best efforts at prevention, sometimes dental decay for baby teeth can get so extensive that it necessitates a full-coverage restoration also known as a dental crown. Even if it’s a baby tooth and not permanent teeth, cavities could lead to the need for a baby root canal or become an abscess that can lead to a serious health issue.

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dental technician making a crown for a pediatric patient in Granite Bay, CA

Why a Crown?

Crowns serve to preserve form and function in the growing mouth and also help prevent space loss, which can lead to crowding. When this happens it increases the need for orthodontic work for their permanent teeth.

Dental crowns for children are typically silver (stainless steel crowns) and are known to have a very high success rate.

We also offer white crowns for esthetics on front teeth and on back teeth upon parental request.

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