Taking Care of Cavities

Pediatric dental fillings in Granite Bay, CA

We make every effort possible to focus on prevention in the office and at home.

However, many children can develop cavities, but thankfully we have the option of doing tooth colored fillings in one visit to repair these pesky cavities. These restorations are meant to blend in smoothly with your child’s beautiful smile.

White fillings are composed of a resin composite material which can be used on front teeth and back teeth and give a highly esthetic and durable result.

Dr. Singh at Granite Bay Pediatric Dentistry mixing tooth colored material for a dental filling

The types of children’s dental fillings

In our workplace, the filling is only white (tooth colored). If a baby tooth is damaged and has a deep tooth decay the tooth can be placed under a crown, which helps prevent tooth loss.

Scientific evidence as well as clinical evidence show the durability and safety of tooth colored restorations using composite resin fillings. They restore teeth, eliminate tooth pain, and it looks good!

We Strive to Make Your Child Feel Comfortable

We are a pediatric dentist. Everything we do is to prevent and treat cavities and make your child’s smile look great. Pediatric dentists are trained to help your child stay calm and comfortable.

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group of children smiling and showing off their healthy teeth

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