Pediatric Dental Cleaning & Exam

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A Focus on Oral Health

Why see pediatric dentists?

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, it is ideal for us to see your children twice a year for a hygiene exam and a cleaning. These preventive visits, as we call them, really focus on the overall dental health of your child. Even if your child still has their baby teeth, it is important to prevent tooth decay and gum disease to improve oral health for your child’s mouth.

A boy and girl with big sunglasses on sticking their heads out of a car window smiling after their dental cleaning and exam in Granite Bay, CA
dentist taking a panoramic xray of a boy's teeth at Granite Bay Pediatric Dentistry

Get the Full Picture

What is involved in a dental exam?

These visits may entail getting select or full mouth radiographs depending on the stage of growth and development for your child. This allows for us to keep a close eye on their teeth and gums so we can treat any issues as early as possible.

These visits are meant to be fun and informative and your child is meant to leave with sparkly clean teeth. We also utilize this visit to discuss homecare and diet, the two main factors that influence your child’s healthy growing smile!

Oral Health Habits for a Lifetime

Give your child’s teeth a head start!

Pediatric dental cleaning and pediatric dental exams will create the right oral health habits that can last a lifetime. Contact Granite Bay Pediatric dentistry now with questions.

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